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Start Your Nursing Career

The Entry Level Master of Science in Nursing Program

Prepare for a lifelong nursing career with our accelerated master’s degree program

If you’re ready to take on the responsibilities—and the privileges—of caring for patients, our Entry Level Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) is right for you. Direct entry MSN programs for nonnurses are designed for students who hold a bachelor’s degree in another discipline, the Entry Level MSN offers skills-driven, patient-focused nursing education in a small, supportive learning environment. Take a virtual tour of our state of the art nursing labs now.

The nursing program includes 77 credits of coursework covering health science theory, nursing leadership, research and hands-on clinical skills development.

After graduation students will be prepared to take the National Council Licensing Exam for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) and enter the profession as MSN-qualified nurses. Our average NCLEX-RN passing rate is 87%.

Earning a direct entry master’s of nursing (MSN) degree ensures you stand out in the job market—and equips you to pursue leadership roles and additional certifications as your career progresses.

La Roche nursing program accreditation The ELMSN program at La Roche University is approved by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN).

How the Program Works

The Entry Level MSN is a blended program which leads to a Master of Science in Nursing without specialization.

Students will complete a component of their theory coursework through a flexible online learning environment. The main portion of your program is hosted at the La Roche University main campus in McCandless Township, 15 minutes north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Here, you’ll take hands-on laboratory courses led by our experienced faculty members and get to know your classmates. You’ll also complete clinical rotations in the community through our local health partnerships with hospitals, clinics and other care sites.

The Entry Level MSN takes place over five accelerated semesters and can be completed in as few as 20 months of study. It is approved by the Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing and is approved by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN).

What You Will Learn

Our Entry Level MSN program prepares you for nursing practice and leadership. As a La Roche University graduate, you will:

  • Provide clinically competent care to patients of every age and from every background, including mental health patients.
  • Practice compassion and respect for the dignity of patients, their families and your colleagues.
  • Demonstrate the scholarly background necessary to conduct, evaluate and apply nursing research in the workplace.
  • Apply knowledge of health care and nursing management principles to make significant, positive contributions to health-care teams and community health initiatives.

Career Path and Continuing Education Options after Your MSN

After graduating from our Entry Level MSN, you’ll have the skills and qualifications necessary to pursue bedside nursing roles in hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, long-term care facilities, schools and many other care settings.

You’ll also have the academic foundation necessary to pursue APRN specialty certification or doctoral-level study after graduation. At La Roche University, we offer you the opportunity to return after your MSN and complete certification coursework for the following specialties:

  • Clinical Nurse Leader
  • Family Nurse Practitioner
  • Nursing Administration
  • Nursing Education

Beginning your nursing career with your MSN means starting with a professional foundation that has more scope for specialization, upward mobility and satisfaction in your work.

Course Topics for the Entry Level MSN

Semester 1 – 15 credits
NURG5101 Professional Nursing Practice: Essentials 3 Credits
NURG5103 & NURG5103C Professional Nursing Practice: Fundamentals (incl. Clinical) 5 Credits
NURG5105 & NURG5105L Essentials of Pharmacology (incl. Lab) 4 Credits
NURG5107 Inquiry and Evidence in Professional Nursing Practice 3 Credits
Semester 2 – 15 credits
NURG5109 & NURG5109C Professional Nursing Practice: Adult I (incl. Clinical) 6 Credits
NURG5111 Special Considerations of the Older Adult 3 Credits
NURG5113 Public Health and Epidemiology 3 Credits
NURG5115 Quality Improvement and Safety in Healthcare 3 Credits
Semester 3 – 16 credits
NURG5117 & NURG5117C Professional Nursing Practice: Adult II (incl. Clinical) 5 Credits
NURG5119 & NURG5119C Professional Nursing Practice: Mental Health (incl. Clinical) 5 Credits
NURG5121 Research Methods 3 Credits
NURG5017 Comprehensive Health Assessment 3 Credits
Semester 4 – 16 credits
NURG5123 & NURG5123C Professional Nursing Practice: Adult III (incl. Clinical) 5 Credits
NURG5125 & NURG5125C Professional Nursing Practice: Women and Children (incl. Clinical) 5 Credits
NURG5127 Health Promotion Across the Lifespan 3 Credits
NURG5009 Comprehensive Pathophysiology 3 Credits
Semester 5 – 15 credits
NURG5129 & NURG5129C Professional Nursing Practice: Comprehensive Nursing Practicum (incl. Clinical) 3 Credits
NURG5131 Nursing Leadership 3 Credits
NURG5004 Theory and Professional Nursing Practice 3 Credits
NURG5007 Comprehensive Pharmacology 3 Credits
NURG5012 Health Policy and Global Consideration 3 Credits
Total 77 credits

Who Can Apply for the Entry Level MSN?

Like most direct entry MSN programs for non-nursing majors, you must hold a bachelor’s degree in another field to apply for this program—any undergraduate major is acceptable, so long as you meet our other requirements.

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